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Dive center Kawan

Who are we ?

Wind of change


Sainte Luce Kawan Plongée was a dream and the dream has become reality.







The Boss… When Cecile is agree.

Eric is an nuclear engineer who reinvented himself as a bubble maker. He is a diving trainer, he can teach you french and american training.

His first goal is to let you discover our diving site.

security, conviviality, welcome are our priorities.



The orchestra conductor…

Cécile will welcome you.

She’ll be ready to answer the questions concerning schedule, formation or other questions




Our mascot


She’s in the team since the beginning of this adventure.





The team


And advicer too.

All the instructors are certified for american and french training. If you have question about formation feel you free to tell us.

They are be able to not only guide you through the dive sites but also help you to improve your dive skills up to the highest levels.




The shop

The Sainte Luce Kawan Plongée center is located in front of the sea, surrounded by two parking lots, in the immediate vicinity of the dock where our boat is secured. We can be easily identified by two blue flames of several feet at our storefront which displays our colors and reliable mascot “Kawanette.” You can’t miss us!

Two small parking lots surround it, don’t hesitate to stop in front of the center to unload equipment, here people will take their time to allow you to unload, there won’t be any honking horns.

Then, you can park your car on one of the parking lots surrounding the diving center, or in the large Sainte Luce parking lot located less than 5 minutes away by foot from the facility.


Our diving center facility has 2 levels:

At the ground floor, Cécile will welcome you with a coffee or refreshment.

Then, you can go to the back where you will be equipped for your trip.

Upstairs, you can change clothes in the locker room where there are also restrooms and showers.

You can leave your bags and personal items in the small lockers we provide. If you prefer, you can bring towels, hats and sunscreen on the boat. However, this boat has protection that can guard you from the sun !

With us, there is no need to carry your scuba tank, it will wait for you on the boat, stored, and its size will be adjusted to your needs.


In addition, if you come for your first dive, you can join us in the water with your own  personal instructor.



Regarding our equipment, our quality research has allowed us to setup a partnership with the company SCUBAPRO,

SCUBAPRO is a French outfitter of diving equipment, so we can provide you with a recent and high quality equipment.


Our Boat

Your comfort is in our mind.


Our boat, the Volitans, is secured to the dock very close to the center.

This 36 ft boat, able to welcome 20 divers, will allow you all the space you need.

When you embark, your tanks await you on board, you just have to get yourself equipped, or get equipped by your personal instructor.


As a companion, if you want to get your feet wet, feel free to swim under water and allow yourself to witness all the wildlife and flora of the West Indies. You can have flippers, masks, and snorkels at your disposal.

And if your pleasure is to be carried in the warm water, you can have aqua bones to float in complete tranquility.

During the navigation and between diving, you will be able to have shelter from the sun under the roof while quenching your thirst with a refreshing drink and snacking on fresh fruit.

After you finish diving, fresh fruit and non-alcoholic beverages will wait for you on the boat.

We also have waterproof books on the boat, to allow you to find information about the fish and multiple types of coral and sponges you have seen during your under water discovery.




We hope you will find here a very relaxing atmosphere and exhilarating diving.

Enjoy !


© Kawan Plongée